**Abstract Guidelines**

A declaration form must accompany each abstract and should be signed by the corresponding author. An abstract template is provided as a separate file and this must be adhered to.

Please note that an abstract cannot be submitted to BSOA conference if it has been presented in a national or international meeting already.

The closing date for abstract submission is midnight on Friday 4th October 2019. Any abstract received after this time will not be accepted. Each abstract should be emailed to [email protected] along with the completed declaration form (scan/photo of signed document). A confirmation email will be sent on receipt (during office hours only).

Abstracts can only be considered with a completed declaration form.

After the submission, a preliminary review of the abstracts received will determine which ones are to be accepted for presentation at BSOA Conference. We hope to get back within one week, so you can book for study leave. Authors of abstracts will be contacted via e-mail on 18th October or before to tell them if they will be invited to present their work orally, and the remaining successful authors may be invited to present a poster.

Posters should be up to A1 size (single sheet of paper/fabric 59.4cm x 84cm) and orientated in portrait (not landscape) view. Any posters not meeting the criteria will not be displayed. All presenters must pay for registration at the meeting.

In preparing your submission you are strongly encouraged to look at the scoring guides for assessing abstracts, oral presentations and poster presentations that the judges will use when reviewing your work.

The prize fund will be determined and distributed by the judging panel.


Other forms:

Abstract Template

Scoring Guide For Assessing Abstracts And Posters